What are the procedures to clean your carpet?

Professional cleaning is relatively uncomplicated. There are multiple collection facilities in big and small cities within Sachsen, where you can hand your carpet in. If you would rather have your carpet picked up and delivered back, we also offer this service. In case you want to calculate the price of your carpet cleaning beforehand, we will provide you with our price list. This price list gives you an overview of your expenses.

The cleaning process of your carpet takes place in multiple steps. Firstly, your carpet will be relieved of dust and sand, before our staff will start the pre-wash. This service includes stain pretreatment as well as carefully rinsing the carpet. After that, the carpets will be spun in the centrifuge to get minimize the left-over dampness. In the next steps the carpets will be dried hanging and if requested, the backside finish applied. Moreover, every professional textile cleaning will perform a final inspection to verify the cleaning process. With this, nothings stands in the way of renewed use of your carpet. Find further information on our cleaning methods here.

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